Historic Decoration was founded in 2016 by interior designer and consultant Caroline Percy and architectural historian Oliver Gerrish. Our series of study days at Syon House, Salons at Brunswick House, four day course and tours aim to explain and define the many and varied aspects of the history of British interior design and to explore the options available to assist in the restoration and reinterpretation of historic interiors today.

Our speakers are all established experts in their respective fields and they vividly describe the evolution of interiors through the centuries and suggest how this knowledge could be applied when decorating a period home in the context of the 21st century.

For the amateur as well as the professional, for the owners of historic properties and those involved in their restoration and redecoration, Historic Decoration provides a forum to offer practical advice.


The Evolution of Historic Interiors from Renaissance to Regency

2nd march - 5th march 2020


This four-day course provides a foundation for the analysis and interpretation of British interior design from the Renaissance to the Regency. 
Chronologically organised, visits to historic buildings will highlight the key interiors, architects, designers and movements which demonstrate how the historic house has evolved over the centuries from the reigns of Henry VIII to George IV. 
The tours of historic buildings will be accompanied by in-house experts. 

We explore the decorative devices employed by great designers and architects from the past and discuss their relevance to interior design in the 21st century. 

The interior designer, Caroline Percy, and architectural historian, Oliver Gerrish, will lead the course, assisted by Catherine Fellowes. We will be based at Hotspur House, Caroline's home which is close to Robert Adam's Syon Park. 

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We are associated with Historic Houses, a not-for-profit organisation preserving and promoting over 1,600 historic houses, castles and gardens.

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