Monday 18th September 2017 - Edward Bulmer - Paints and Paintwork for the Historic Interior

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Monday 18th September 2017 - Edward Bulmer - Paints and Paintwork for the Historic Interior


Paints and Paintwork for the Historic Interior with Edward Bulmer

Monday 18th September 2017 

Edward will discuss the lessons we can learn from the history of paint making, the use of pigment and the allocation of colour. He will show how by learning from historic decoration we can be better modern decorators too, using appropriate materials in an appropriate way. Colour that renders comfort, harmony and drama when it is called for!

Morning session - Illustrated talk - Getting to know paint and colour 

A personal perspective on the development of paint and how we have created colour for decoration.


Afternoon session- Illustrated talk on the use of colour in historic interiors

An exploration of what colour was chosen and why, with particular emphasis on the period that wraps around the creation of the interiors of Syon.

 TOUR in which we explore the colour narrative - Working out what the colour scheme tells us about the approach of the designer, the aspirations of the client and the status of the space. Tour will be finished with tea in the Green drawing room. 

Edward Bulmer has spent the last 30 years working in some of Britain’s finest buildings. He is a leading interior designer, architectural historian and ‘colourman’, renowned for restoring our heritage buildings, bringing his expert knowledge to conservation and his design flair to the creation of new spaces for modern living. 

Edward is a master in both the art and science of colour, an expert with a mission to revive the world of natural colour. He also has that technical knowhow to translate historic reference into paint shades perfectly tuned for fashionable modern living. Unlike virtually all other paints on the market, our colours are designed, made and mixed by an expert in interiors.

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Edward Bulmer